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Conflicted (The Existing Series Book 2) Kindle Edition by A.M. Guilliams #romantic #inspirational #womensliterature


ConflictedConflicted by A.M. Guilliams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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In many ways, this book tied up many questions from book one. It explained away Mackenzie’s leaving, but, as a mother, it still makes absolutely no sense to me. I still consider her a selfish cow and the lasting affects on Grace will be insurmountable, which I am guessing will rear its head in book three. And Lord I can only shake my head at Weston. It’s like he almost caused the whole mess with Trent and Delaney. Goodness, eyeing Trent’s woman from the moment he saw her. I wanted to smack Weston upside his head! Anyways! The book was a fast read and has lots of twists and turns but not as much as book one-thank goodness. Bring on book 3-I’m ready!

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

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Progress Kindle Edition by Amalie Silver My #review #new-adult #women’s lit


Progress (Progress, #1)Progress by Amalie Silver
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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The quote that came to mind when I finished this book was “It was the best of times and the worst of times.” Good gracious, I have NEVER read a more f$%#&ed up book in my whole life. It was like being in the mind of a mad man. Silver must be a genius or wrote this while going through her own ups and downs or both because I have known people with PTSD and depression, and she nailed it. The amount of pain that the reader must endure while reading this is astronomical. Three times I put this book down refusing to read another page only to pick it up again. So, why give it a 4? Because it’s freaking genius. But be warned, it is not an easy read from either Jesse’s or Charlie’s perspective. Each carry his/her own wounds some seen and most in the mind. There is no way to adequately describe this book, so give it a try and see for yourself.

I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

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Rock Hard by B.B. Hamel


Rock HardRock Hard by B.B. Hamel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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This book was an intense quick read. It says it is over 360 page but it felt like 100. It flew by so fast. The action would not stop so I kept reading to find out how or if Climber would get out of the mob. I loved the intensity between Reid and Becca. Their passion was HOT! My only ding was that there was some predictability and sometimes too much description about nature, but overall really good book. I already picked up another one from Hamel which I start in the next few minutes!

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The Other Woman: A betrayed wife takes on the other woman with scandalous results (A contemporary, suspense thriller with layers of drama) Kindle Edition by Eve Rabi


_books__RomanceNovels__Reading__GoodBooks__Fiction___Kindle__romance__Facebook_sabotageGenre: romantic suspense thriller

Meet Scarlett Smyth. She’s drop-dead gorgeous, has a rocking body and has an above average IQ. She brags that she can ensnare any husband or taken male, and …she often does. She also is ambitious and has a penchant for anything expensive.
When the shrewd and ambitious temptress lays eyes on Bradley Murdoch, she believes she has found her dream man and a ticket to the high life she’s entitled to. There are just two problems:

There are just two problems:
1) Bradley is married to Rival. Happily at that.
2) They have children. Adorable little girls.
Do those facts deter Scarlett in any way? No, not at all. She is determined to steal Bradley, smoothly replace Rival in his life and show him how to really live life.
In a calculating move, the seductress (she is so good at seduction, she is even penning a book on it) befriends the quiet and unassuming Rival and seduces Bradley.
There’s more: To expedite things, Scarlett engineers a way to wipe Rival out of the picture and sends her away on a “vacation”.
But Scarlett may have underestimated her opponent. When Rival realizes the extent of the betrayal, she decides, even though she lacks Scarlett’s genius IQ, not to turn the other cheek. In fact, she is determined to win back her husband, believing that he is a good man who is simply mistaking lust for love. She believes that someone like Scarlett has to have skeletons in her cupboards and she begins to snoop around.
What Rival doesn’t understand is: no one crosses Scarlett and gets away with it.
As a result, the betrayed wife and the other woman collide and results in this romantic, suspense-filled thriller.









I stare at him, all my fingers threaded through my hair, my mind muddled and trying to make sense of everything.
“This is not happening,” I mutter. “Can’t be happening!” Then I notice Bradley holding her hand. My best friend’s hand. With both of his. It’s happening.
At this point, I should be furious with him, with her, with the entire deception. I should yell at her, hurl abuse, even threaten to kill her. But I’m numb with shock and disbelief. I sink deep into my hospital chair, and fight the urge to rock. “Where…do…I go with the children?”
“Well, that’s been taken care of. They will stay with Scarlett and me. But you can see them –”
I leap to my feet. “No!”
“—whenever you want to.”
“I will not let you take my children, Bradley.”
“Rival, it’s all done.” His voice – he’s using the same tone he uses on our little girls when they’re being unreasonable.
Done?” I feel a stab of panic. “What do you mean by done?”
“Oh, for crying out loud!” Scarlett interrupts, “Rival, the courts –”
“Don’t speak,” I warn, my index finger raised in the air, my eyes fixed on Bradley’s face.
“—have appointed—”
“Don’t SPEAK!” I repeat.
Bradley quickly stands in front of Scarlett, his arms outstretched in a protective gesture.
“Rival, listen: the court have appointed me sole custodian after you were charged with child negligence. All your visits have to be supervised.”
“What!” I blink rapidly. “Supervised visits? Me?”
“Well, Rival,” Scarlett says in an irritated voice, “you’ve a drug habit—”
“Shut UP, Scarlett!” I snarl.
“—and the last thing we want to do is to endanger—”
Everything happens so quickly. One minute I’m asking Scarlett to shut up, the next I have her on the floor, beating her head with the heavy-duty stapler from my doctor’s desk. There’s blood all over the floor and all over me.
Both Bradley and the doctor are unable to pull me off Scarlett and it takes six men in white to pull me off the woman who stole my husband, my children, my life.
“Let me go!” I yell. “I need to speak to my husband!”
They won’t let me. I scream and kick at Scarlett’s rescuers. When they restrain my hands, I bite them – sink my teeth into their forearms, chest and legs. Where I get my strength from, I have no idea, but I am suddenly so strong, it takes nine men, including two security guards in the end, to physically restrain me.
“BRADLEY!” I scream. “Don’t do this to me!”
I get no response from my husband. Frustrated, I spit on the men.
That’s when they place a lace hood over my face, a strait jacket over my body and throw me into a padded cell where no one can hear me scream. That doesn’t stop me from screaming and hurling abuse. But when I start to bang my head against the door, they re-enter the room, surround me, and inject me. The last thing I see before my eyes shut is the image of my husband holding my best friend’s hands. With both of his. Don’t do this to me, Bradley. Please don’t do this to me. Please …



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The Twisted Diary: Infatuation Kindle Edition by Anne Roberts


Don’t underestimate me- I know more than I say, think more than I speak, and notice more than you realize.

I was so in love with you that I ignored how you treated me.

She loved him, and he loved her, but it wasn’t that simple.

A compelling unique diary-style novel that has you in the exact moment of a “not so perfect” relationship.

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Funny Girl (Girl Series Book 3) by Kate Baum










4.99 out 5 stars

This book was really incredible.  I only ding it just a small fraction because the set up takes a really long time to get through and is a little distracting, but honestly there is very little I would cut.  The set-up is necessary to understand the devastation later and the closeness of her family and three best friends.  I had a myriad of emotions throughout this book.  I laughed, cried, screamed, shook with anger, and absolutely fell in love with every single character in this book.   Now don’t get me wrong, this book is Sexy with a capital S, but this book is about taking back power for women after brutal attacks and learning to love again.  It is also about finding the balance of love and realizing sometimes one person has to carry the weight of the pain for the other sometimes.  It is give and take.  Yes, love can be painful, but it also heals. I so wanted to hear Cullan’s thoughts even for just a chapter, but by the end  I knew his thoughts, and it didn’t matter as much.  Be ready for a powerful must read!

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The Wedding Trap by Adrienne Bell


weddingLength: 167 pages 

5 out 5 stars

This book had it all.  There were times where I was on the edge of my seat waiting desperately for the next moment; there were other times I found myself laughing out loud at the strange situations Beth finds herself in and some of the things that came out of her mouth were hilarious.  Alex is a wonderful leading male who is protective and sexy yet gives Beth enough room to become the heroine of the novel.  It’s a sexy, wild ride I would highly recommend.