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Groupie (Groupie, #1)Groupie by Susan Daugherty
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What a wild ride! I want book 2 right now, pretty please????? What in the world will be in store for Jack and Lexie? Two broken souls brought together and thrown together and back apart over and over again. This book is so amazing as they help each other heal in many ways. Jack teaches Lex to loosen up and live again and gets that heart beating again, and the whole novel I just kept thinking “kiss dang it. Just do it. You are killing me here!” I haven’t felt that much angst since I was a teenager myself. Then, Lex tries to heal his leg and injuries, and she encourages him to be a better man. Where or where is book 2? Susan, send it to me now!

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

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Meet Susan Daugherty

I’ll be the first to admit: I may have a little war going on between my right brain and left brain.

My entire life, I loved to read voraciously and write story after story. I won the English Dept scholarship at my high school… then I promptly went into the Sciences at the University of Kentucky. I had fallen in love with physical therapy and I made it my career.

I absolutely love my PT profession and all the years that I have invested in treating patients….but something always nagged in my head that said I should let my creative side loose as well. I needed to get back to WRITING!

I sat down and wrote my novel, Groupie in a six month time frame on a Netbook- I kid you not. That’s a tiny laptop, y’all. It was so long that I wound up with two books and Groupie was a series!

Now, I have the best of both worlds so both sides of my brain are happy.

Aside from those two jobs, I’m raising a husband and two children! Luckily, I thrive on multi-tasking and it all works out in our crazy life.

I love all things Southern, lifelong friendships, date nights, and reading my kids to sleep.


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