Coming Home: Where Loyalties Lie Kindle Edition by Sydney Monroe Book Trailer


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Dawn is a successful and independent woman who left the security of her wealthy family years ago to make it on her own. As fate would have it, her former boss pulls a few strings to get her an assignment back in her hometown.

Excited about being in New Orleans, Dawn is looking forward to spending time with her family, her best friend and the love of her life, but she quickly uncovers family secrets that could destroy all she has worked for and all that she loves. Soon after she arrives in New Orleans, her best friend takes an unexpected trip that puts her life in danger.

When Dawn tries to help she realizes that her friend’s disappearance has a lot to do with her family business. What she finds out could destroy her career, land her father in prison and get her best friend killed. Dawn is torn between her loyalties. Will she turn her back on her family to save her career? Will she betray her best friend? Will she go after the man of her dreams?


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