Smoking Gun’s American Bistro (Epicure Erotica Book 1) Kindle Edition by Cheri Goldfine


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Do men love women who eat? They’re certainly wild about them in the new Epicure Erotica series–for the sophisticated read-eat-er! The best thing of all? Recipes are included. Smoking Gun’s American Bistro is the first book in the series. Let the food games begin!

One of Burlington, Vermont’s great epicures, Gunner Morehouse loves women who love to eat. However, after years of spending many delicious nights with young, drop-dead gorgeous BBWs, who mysteriously lose weight while dating him, Gunner now feels empty and famished. He vows to be alone and focuses his attention on Smoking Gun’s American Bistro, the restaurant he owns with his ex-wife.

Anabella Cebada has spent four years starving for a secure future. Unexpectedly, within a matter of hours, her whole life crashes down on her. She walks into Smoking Gun’s American Bistro hoping to start life anew. In a twist of fate, Gunner soon reveals her true culinary talents in the kitchen—and the bedroom. What follows is intoxicating sexual euphoria.

But their past is not food play, it’s serious stuff, and between them they’ve burned plenty of bridges. The question is, who will be burned now? One thing certain, readers will be left craving for more.

Bonus recipes are included to help you ignite your own romance!



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