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Can’t Find Love Kindle Edition by Patrice M Foster -A Short Contemporary Romance Novel


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When hot and handsome Vince Moretti walks into Ashley Santoro’s life, she ultimately has to decide whether she will continue to hold onto the bad-girl, biracial routine that has her looking for love in superficial relationships only—or if what she has with this star basketball player is true love. Emotionally neglected and abandoned by her mother and father, the Ashley series details a courageous journey of a young adult fielding her way through alcoholism and overeating into her own discovery of how to love and how to be loved. Accused of soliciting sex from three New York Knicks players at a party in Manhattan, Ashley abandons her promising new relationship with Vince, a partnership that she feels she does not deserve. Caught up in a cycle of self-defeat, will Ashley continue her downward spiral and ultimately sabotage her first true love, as well?

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The Can’t Find Love Series Box Set #1-4

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The review below explains this short contemporary romance writer and book perfectly:



Verified Purchase
Jamaica-born Pennsylvania author Patrice M. Foster comes from an abusive background, having been abandoned by first her mother who fled to America to escape her abusive husband only to be deserted by the father resulting in Patrice and her siblings been placed in abusive foster homes. At age twelve she with her siblings were unsuccessfully reunited with their mother, returned to their father became homeless, and yet survived.
Patrice, incredibly, finished school and moved to New Jersey where she entered an LPN program 1986. After graduating, she relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she furthered her career by becoming an RN in 1998. She continued her education by pursuing a BSN program at Immaculate University. Aware of the poor treatment encountered by nurses, in 2000, she established her company, Respect Medical Services, through which she committed herself to improve the working conditions and compensation of medical personnel.

Her belief was that nurses who were treated and compensated as professionals were better able to perform as compassionate caregivers, thereby creating an environment beneficial to the physical and emotional wellbeing of their patients. Patrice’s greatest sense of accomplishment was achieved by securing employment for others. Though she closed her business in 2004, she continues to work as a nurse, as well as traveling the path to healing and self-discovery.

In Patrice’s early books she transforms this injurious life into stories that are heart rending, but now, in keeping with her background of survival against tough odds she turns her writing to Romances – each new story shares much of what she has experienced and has provided extraordinary growth.

The synopsis of this very brief (33 pages) novella follows: ‘When hot and handsome Vince Moretti walks into Ashley Santoro’s life, she ultimately has to decide whether she will continue to hold onto the bad-girl, biracial routine that has her looking for love in superficial relationships only—or if what she has with this star basketball player is true love. Emotionally neglected and abandoned by her mother and father, the Ashley series details a courageous journey of a young adult fielding her way through alcoholism and overeating into her own discovery of how to love and how to be loved. Accused of soliciting sex from three New York Knicks players at a party in Manhattan, Ashley abandons her promising new relationship with Vince, a partnership that she feels she does not deserve. Caught up in a cycle of self-defeat, will Ashley continue her downward spiral and ultimately sabotage her first true love, as well?’

Patrice understands character development well and a times her prose is poetically subtle – ‘When Ashley misted her hybrid orchid— a bright red Cattleya Circle of Life— she momentarily forgot that her own life had no love. Its brilliant top petals fanned open within twelve hours one evening, captured by a time-release video that she’d painstakingly prepared for extra credit. Even her botany teacher voiced amazement at the sheer size of its lateral sepals and vibrant yellow stigmatic surface— the orchid itself, seven inches in diameter— all carefully cultivated by a senior-high student with a reputation among peers and teachers alike for being so implacably rude and angry. Its dorsal sepal cascaded above the rest of the botany projects lined in Edward R. Murrow High’s greenhouse, and for all intents and purposes, Ashley’s plant should’ve withered in sorrow. But it thrived.

Ashley herself believed that meant something— but for the time being, she didn’t know what. Any aspirations, hopes and dreams she’d imagined for herself remained narrowly confined to botany class.’

Patrice knows the right mixture of raw language and tenderness and this is one short but very powerful little romance. Watch her grow. Grady Harp, February 17


A Quarter to Twelve by Josephine Traynor Series: Time Series #1 (All books will be standalones with cross over characters.) Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy



A Quarter to Twelve by Josephine Traynor

Series: Time Series #1
(All books will be standalones with cross over characters.)

Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy

Cover Designer: Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Designs
Happy, single, divorcee.
Successful business woman.

Content on perving on the cute guy at the gym. At least until my best friend sets me up on an online dating site. Now, all I’m doing is blocking dick pictures.

Burned by bad breakup.
Envied chef.

Going to kill my brother for not only setting up a profile on this online dating site but giving me this user name.

Humiliating online profiles bring them together, while the universe tries to keep them apart. Reluctant daters become determined lovers who will need to decide if they’re willing to fight for something they never wanted in the first place.

Qto12 3D.png

I’m a writer with a dream of sharing the characters I see in my head with others and have you fall in love with them too. I have been a writer since I was a little girl and finally got brave enough to show my work to a friend. My friend asked for more and that, in turn, resulted in me showing a couple more friends, who told me this book needs to be published.

On the other side of the pen name, I’m a mother of two and that’s a big part of why I’m using a pen name. This is MY career choice, not theirs. It’s not about being ashamed of my work, far from it, I am super proud but I have a responsibility. The other reason is due to wanting to keep the focus on my work. For the lack of a better pun, I’m an open book, ask me anything, but I think my books are far more interesting than I am.
I think about writing and characters all the time. I love nothing more than sitting down at my computer, or even with my pen and notebook, to get my imagination down on paper. I try to create characters that feel like friends, people that the reader would want to know. I aim to write stories that not only give you a laugh, but have you thinking about your own life.
About the actual name – I’d chosen another name and found out that there is another author out there with the same name. Back to the drawing board, I chose my favourite name – which was Josephine. As for the Traynor part, I’d just finished reading Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You and Will Traynor’s choices and suggestions about living to the fullest and without regret was another push for me to follow my dreams.
Thanks for dropping by and I hope you fall in love with a few laughs along the way.



Killing Cross by Anne Jolin Rock Falls #6 Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense



Killing Cross by Anne Jolin
Rock Falls #6
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense.
Detective Colton Cross wasn’t supposed to be there,
but he was.
Avonly Ashworth wasn’t supposed to survive,
but she did.
The kidnapped aren’t supposed to love their captors,
but some do.
Sometimes love and duty aren’t enough and rescuing Ashworth might be the very thing that’s killing Cross.


Designer: Wicked by Design
Model: Hollis Chambers
Photographer: Scott Hoover


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Saving Steele, Book 5:
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I was born and raised in Ladner, a small farm town just outside Vancouver, Canada.
I never expected to be an author. Writing was something that snuck up on me and rooted itself into my life. It was beautiful to discover that love, and I’m truly grateful to say I’ve found my passion.
If I could leave y’all with one thing, it’s that life’s far too short to not live it out loud. Drown in your passions, hold on tight to the things that inspire you, and chase your dreams relentlessly. I can promise you without a doubt that you won’t regret it. I know I don’t.

Mad love,
Anne Jolin


Title: Staking a Claim Author: Devon McKay Genre: Contemporary Romance


Title: Staking a Claim

Author: Devon McKay

Genre: Contemporary Romance

For most people, seeing Alaska is a dream come true. For Miami Beach resident, Samantha Held, it is merely a job assignment. Creating an advertisement for vacationing in the state gets her one step closer to achieving her career goal—partnership in Kolinsky’s Advertisement Agency. 

Blake Langford is not willing to accept any exploitation of his beloved state, no matter how desirable the striking, southern blonde bombshell with fiery green eyes is, and he’s determined to sabotage Sam’s goal in every way. Falling in love with the enemy, however, was never part of the plan.


Author Bio

Devon McKay writes contemporary romance with a western flair. If she’s not writing, she’s busy with chores on her small ranch, working on a stained glass project or walking one of her three dogs through the woods. Her greatest joy is putting a smile on a reader’s face and hearing from fans. 


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Email her at:  dev.mckay@yahoo.com


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Book Excerpt

Fuming, Sam held his gaze as she considered his offer. She couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to be dropped into her lap. She could learn everything she needed to know about Alaska and have a handsome, but overly protective, guide of the state to show her. Not to mention what his knowledge could do for the brochure.

It would also mean more time in his temperamental company.

Sam considered her options. She had gotten lucky finding Carlton Landing, but what about locating her elusive hotel? As proven last night, it was more than evident she couldn’t even read a map correctly. So, what real choice did she have?

She pictured her new office…the view of the ocean…the partnership. She was willing to take the chance. Besides, she’d never been the kind of girl who shied away from a challenge. Hell, so far, her life had been a series of challenges.

“It’s a deal.” Her voice came off cool and professional despite the quickening of her heartbeat. She offered her hand to shake on the agreement. “We haven’t officially met. Samantha Held. I go by Sam.”

“Blake Langford.” He extended his, grasping her hand and repeating the name she already knew by heart. He held onto her grasp for a minute longer than necessary. “I go by Wolf.”

Again, the breathtaking grin resurfaced, and an odd pulsation spiked through Sam, leaving her insides quivering like a bowl of gelatin as she second guessed her decision.

     What kind of fool makes a deal with a man called Wolf?


Love Notes by Jason Miller-A Contemporary Romance Book


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This reviewer gave it five stars 

on January 20, 2017
 Great reading. Well-written and captivating. Romance and suspense, interesting characters.

Read some more about this contemporary romance book below:

Sometimes we plan life down to the very small and minute details. We shift and rotate priorities so that our desires will match the outcome. But then there are other days…
Grant knew it was time. No one told him; he just knew, but explaining it to others wasn’t something he looked forward to. His parents were old and definitely, wouldn’t understand and Veronica… well, Veronica would probably split a side seam in her very tight and very expensive designer dress if she found out. And she would find out.The first pure romance novelette by Jason Miller, bestselling author of “To Be a Master: an anthology of erotic pokemon stories” “Can’t Stump Donald J. Trump” and “White Wives Matter” comes the timeless tale of Mr Grant Ambrose media tycoon and his trials and tribulations balancing a public life exposing others with his own personal secrets.

Title: Place to Belong Author: Claire Boston Genre: Contemporary Romance


About the Book

place-to-belong-largeTitle: Place to Belong

Author: Claire Boston

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sean Flanagan has spent a lifetime alone and rejected, constantly hiding who he really is.

With a father who deserted him and a mother who despised him, Sean didn’t think things could get much worse … until he was kicked out of home for being gay. Now he’s discovered he has three half-sisters on the other side of the world. This might be his last chance to find people who will love and accept him. But he’s terrified that if they find out who he really is then they’ll reject him like the rest of his family.

Sean arrives in Houston and is stunned by the warm welcome he receives from his sisters. He begins to hope that maybe this time things will be different. That’s when he meets Hayden Johnson. To follow his heart means risking everything with his newfound family.

Hayden is tired of endless dating. He’s looking for a man to love, someone to spend the rest of his life with. His boss’s new brother ticks all the boxes on the attraction scale, but there’s just one problem – he’s not gay.

Will Sean let his fears rule him, or will he let in the chance of love and find a place where he belongs?

Author Bio

headshotClaire Boston is the best-selling author of The Texan Quartet. In 2014 she was nominated for an Australian Romance Readers Award as Favourite New Romance Author.

Her debut contemporary romance novel, What Goes on Tour caught the attention of Momentum’s Joel Naoum when her first scene was read aloud at the Romance Writers’ of Australia (RWA) conference in 2013. This led to a four book contract for The Texan Quartet series.

Claire is proactive in organising social gatherings and educational opportunities for local authors. She is an active volunteer for RWA, as a mentor for aspiring authors and the reader judge coordinator.

When Claire’s not writing she can be found in the garden attempting to grow vegetables, or racing around a vintage motocross track. If she can convince anyone to play with her, she also enjoys cards and board games.

Claire lives in Western Australia, just south of Perth, with her husband, who loves even her most annoying quirks, and her grubby, but adorable Australian bulldog.


Please email Claire with any questions claire@claireboston.com

Social Networks

Website: http://www.claireboston.com

Blog: http://www.claireboston.com/blog

Reader Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/Z4-4z

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/clairebostonauthor

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/clairebauthor

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/clairebauthor

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/clairebostonauthor

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe9YKmz-ORDtYaNG17hM5BA



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Title: Sweet-A Contemporary Romance


Title: Sweet

Author: Lisa Hahn

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cat Brown spends the first six years of her career as one of the lowest-ranking members of the Bretton Falls Ballet. Despite the dancer’s undisputable talent, artistic director Lillian Smith insists Cat is too short for a leading role. When Lillian is forced to retire, world-renowned ballet dancer Dmitri Fedorov takes over and casts Cat as the premier performer in his first production with the company. Cat struggles to fend off a host of distractions as she prepares for the most important role of her career: the most insurmountable of which is her instant attraction to the new boss.

Dmitri, once known for his theatrical performances and womanizing proclivities, disappears into seclusion after a horrific car accident shatters his knee and renders him unable to dance. Looking to escape the constant reminders of how far he’s fallen, Dmitri escapes to Bretton Falls in hopes of elevating the small ballet company there to international prestige. The task proves to be more challenging than Dmitri had bargained for when his surprising interest in Cat Brown becomes fodder for gossip among the company.

Cat and Dmitri both have a lot riding on their upcoming production of The Nutcracker, knowing that their careers depend upon the outcome. However, the biggest challenge they face will be staying away from one another.


Meet this Contemporary Romance Writer:

Author Bio

Lisa Hahn writes romance novels across multiple sub-genres. She’s interested in stories that take place in either small towns or strange worlds, and she strives to create honest, passionate characters her readers can relate to.

Currently, Lisa and her husband live in northern New Jersey with their two dogs (Jonas and Cassie) and their cat (Blueberry). When she’s not writing, Lisa can be found reading, practicing yoga, working out, watching professional wrestling, stitching a piece of embroidery, making/eating vegan food, and rooting for the Seattle Seahawks.

Buy this Contemporary Romance here:







Book Excerpts


Simon Clarke, the current assistant artistic director, and one of Cat’s biggest supporters, swept into the room just as the applause began to wane.

“Listen up, everyone.” He lifted his arm overhead in a willowy gesture that hinted at what a brilliant dancer he’d been. “Nutcracker rehearsals start tomorrow. The schedule and your roles are posted outside the locker room.”

The studio fell eerily silent at his announcement.

Phoebe Braxton, one of the most talented dancers in the small company, and one who often got the most coveted roles, spoke up first. “How can we put together a ballet without an artistic director? Are you assuming the position?”

The thought of Simon directing made Cat’s heart sing. He’d wanted her to be promoted to a soloist position after her first year, but Lillian had always been adamant about Cat’s place in the corps. So Cat continued to do her time as a backdrop for the soloists, and dreamed about progressing on her path from the corps to soloist to prestige, as a principal dancer.

“No.” Simon shook his head, a few wisps of black hair falling into his eyes. He delicately brushed them aside before clasping his hands behind his back. “The new director starts today. His name is Dmitri Fedorov.” He paused, smiling smugly as if he enjoyed dropping this bomb so unexpectedly. “You may know him from his illustrious career with American Ballet Theatre.”


My Heart, My Home Contemporary Romance



About the Book

Title: My Heart, My Home

Author: Jessa Chase

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Kate Jacobson took the first bus out of Madelia, Washington the day she graduated high school, and she hasn’t looked back. With a blossoming medical career at a busy New York hospital, she has found her calling. But when her best friend is gunned down in front of her by a drug-addled patient, Kate turns back to her small town roots, looking for stability and a place to belong.
Logan McAllister has worked his entire adult life to make the people of Madelia see him as more than the kid from the wrong side of the train tracks. He’s built a business with his own two hands, revitalizing the historic landmark homes in town to their former glories. He grew up with parents so completely infatuated with each other, he can’t imagine wanting to jump into the suffocating arms of love himself. But when his high school crush Kate comes back to town, he can’t help but fan the fires and reignite their old flame.
But not everyone is happy about her return . . .
When Kate’s clinic is vandalized, the two set aside the differences stemming from their pasts and set out to find and stop the vandal. As they work to solve one problem, their undeniable feelings for one another present another problem that’s even more dangerous-at least for her heart.
Kate can handle the crazy politics. What she can’t handle is smart, sexy, reformed bad boy Logan, who keeps showing up on her doorstep, determined to kiss the living daylights out of her.
Logan was wrong for her when she was eighteen, is he even more wrong for her now?


Author Bio

Jessa Chase was born and raised in the Inland Northwest of Washington State. She works in healthcare and enjoys winding down from a busy day in clinic by writing about romance. Jessa lives with her one tiny human and two rambunctious rescue pups. They all enjoy going for hikes and exploring new terrain in their hometown.

Jessa is an avid reader and draws inspiration from what she reads, as well as from her hobby of people-watching in public spaces.










Author Page on Amazon: amazon.com/author/jessachasebooks

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jessachasebooks

Buy the book on Amazon (Kindle): https://www.amazon.com/Heart-Home-Love-Madelia-Book-ebook/dp/B01MXXVQKM/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

Amazon (Paperback): https://www.amazon.com/My-Heart-Home-Love-Madelia/dp/1541121600/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=


Book Excerpts

Excerpt #1

“You know me, Helling. All vanity, all the time.”

He chuckled and approached her from behind. Theirs had been an easy intimacy, which had made the subtle shift from coworkers to friends as simple as breathing.

Helling tugged at Kate’s ponytail, releasing her curly brown locks from the hair tie and letting them fall free against her shoulders.

“You really are quite gorgeous, you know,” he said as he propped his chin on her shoulder. Kate blushed and could not maintain eye contact with him in the mirror.

“I’m really quite gullible, you mean,” Kate responded. “And so not your type.”

Helling faked a look of shock, but his boyish good looks could not maintain it for long. “Why, I never,” he responded, before giving in to another grin. “You are, however, exactly the type of wonderful, selfless, utterly magnificent type who would be willing to take on my Friday shift next week. That’s my type to a T.”

Kate laughed and turned around to face Jonathan. “What you mean is I’m the type who wouldn’t have anything better to do but work an extra shift, while you go out and have a ridiculous amount of fun at my expense.”

“I would never say it like that, but, yes.” Helling smiled again, poking Kate in the ribs until she agreed to take his shift. He wasn’t wrong in his assessment; Kate didn’t have any sort of social life to speak of and she very often volunteered to take other doctor’s shifts when they had pressing matters to attend to.
That didn’t mean she had to make it easy for her friend.

“What terribly important engagement would you be missing out on if I said no?”

“Would you believe a once-in-a-lifetime first date opportunity with potentially the love of my life?”

“I would, if you didn’t have one of those every other week.”

Helling narrowed his eyes at her in mock annoyance. “I’m serious this time.  He just might be the future Mr. Helling. The bearer of my future children. My all. My everything.”

“How exactly are you planning on him bearing your future children?”

“Oh, well, I happen to know this girl, she’d be a perfect surrogate. She’s the most wonderful, selfless, utterly magnificent type of girl…”

Kate laughed heartily as she exited the physician’s lounge and headed back out to the pit, Jonathan still extoling her virtues and sucking up to her along the way.