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When the Dead Come A Knockin’ ( Veil Diaries Book 2) Kindle Edition by B.L. Brunnemer New Adult Fiction


When the Dead Come A Knockin' (The Veil Diaries Book 2)

Get this must read New Adult Fiction Novel full Paranormal happenings, ghosts, hot guys, (a reverse harem), and lots of cuddling and kissing for only  $4.99 at https://www.amazon.com/When-Dead-Come-Knockin-Diaries-ebook/dp/B01N24HHGL

When the Dead Come A Knockin’ by B.L. Brunnemer A New Adult Fiction Book

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What is not to love about this new adult fiction book except it had to end and book 3 is not out! I read this 500+ page book is a little over 2 days. I love this series and have been hooked from book 1. Usually, I fizzle out when the series is not already out together but not with this one. I was just as hungry for book two a month later as I was when I left off book 1.

This book offers so much. Lexie is a heroine to so many females. She stands up to bullies and bi***es; she refuses to back down from her beliefs; she loves wholeheartedly, and she never lets people down. That is why I want to know more about Dylan and his science project.

I really hope book 3 opens up more secrets and explodes with harem finally taking its rightful place. Two books are enough teasing! I’m not sure about Zeke though. His girlfriend is the best and even better is the best kind of friend for Lexie. Hmmm…I guess I will have to wait and see, which I hope will be REALLY freaking soon!

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If you haven’t read this series yet, you have to start with book 1: 

Trying To Live With The Dead (The Veil Diaries Series Book 1)

This book is simply amazing.  You can’t read these books out of order or they won’t make any sense.  So, go here and book 1 through Amazon for $4.99 and begin an amazing adventure!  Here is a little teaser:

Hi, I’m Alexis Delaney. I’m your average 17-year-old girl. Except I can see the dead. And talk to the dead. And push them away and, well, help them move on. So..okay, I’m not your average 17-year-old girl. For years I’ve been struggling to survive the souls still roaming around. The shitheads always seem to find me. Moving from town to town every few months never helped either. More dead just always find me. But things are changing for me now. I’m moving in with my uncle Rory and cousin Tara. I’m finally going to be able to do normal teenage stuff I’ve been missing out on. Right?

Well, if this one bitch of a ghost could leave me alone on campus that would be great. Especially since I haven’t told my new friends about my abilities. Can you believe this? Five good looking guys practically adopt me on my first day of school, and I still think they’re a bit nuts for it. Now if I can only just keep my life with the dead from mixing with my normal life, everything would be great. Yeah…I don’t see that happening either. But I’m going to give it a shot. Who knows? It might work.

JAX: Resurrection Knights of Black Swan Next Generation, Book 2 by Victoria Danann Genre: Paranormal Romance


JAX: Resurrection

Knights of Black Swan Next Generation, Book 2

by Victoria Danann Continue reading JAX: Resurrection Knights of Black Swan Next Generation, Book 2 by Victoria Danann Genre: Paranormal Romance

FALCON: Resistance Paranormal Romance


FALCON: Resistance

Knights of Black Swan Next Generation, Book 1
by Victoria Danann

Continue reading FALCON: Resistance Paranormal Romance

Submitting to the Incubus (The Children of Lilith Book 5) by Bliss Devlin A paranormal fantasy romance series


#paranormal #fantasy #romance #series #Demons&Devils #Psychics #Vampires

Reviewers love this book’s mix of adventure, intrigue and super-steamy romance! For a limited time, paranormal romance lovers can grab a copy of the scorching-hot SUBMITTING TO THE INCUBUS for just $0.99 at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EO4BMUE
If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read this book for free.

on April 23, 2016
This book had twists and turns, plus some very steamy scenes. As always Bliss Devlin weaves a tale that is not only intriguing, but sexy. I love this series, it has great characters and the stories are so hard to put down. I can’t tell you how many of her books I read in one sitting because I enjoy the story and the steaminess.
I would definitely recommend this story and the rest in her Incubus series. As I said the characters are great and the stories are interesting.
I recevied this book in exchange for an honest review.
A deal with the devil…
Marissa Brandt hunts demons for a living—until a mission goes terribly wrong when her pyromancer abilities go berserk. Fearful that she’s becoming one of the monsters she’s been taught to hate, Marissa is desperate enough take the deal offered by Michael Amestra, the charismatic CEO of Archangel Security Networks. He promises to give her a new identity and teach her how to control her abilities. But there’s one big catch: Michael is an incubus, and her new life requires her to submit to his every desire.A dangerous intimacy…
As an alpha male incubus, Michael requires a human companion like Marissa. But after the disastrous conclusion of his last relationship, falling in love is not on the agenda.

That’s what he tells himself … but the more time they spend together, the more the ice around his protector’s heart threatens to thaw and crack wide open.

A fateful decision…
Their business-only arrangement slowly becomes much more—until Marissa uncovers a shocking secret. While she wrestles with the pain of betrayal, all her doubts and fears about Michael find new strength.

Then her old hunting partner resurfaces, offering her a way back to her former life. Will Marissa return to the cold simplicity of vengeance…or gamble everything on the heart of a demon?

This steamy paranormal romance features two strong-willed characters in a consensual D/s relationship. It’s a complete standalone novel intended for mature readers. M/F

Taunting Destiny erotic paranormal romance


Taunting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #2)Taunting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Get this #erotic #paranormal #romance for 4.99 at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FAFJU8S full of #fairies #vampires #witches where nothing is as it seems.

I am so in love and obsessed with this series, I know I will go into some type of depression when it is over. It is sooooooo good. I am in a constant state of ups and downs and all a rounds! Sometimes I am so mad I could just scream along with Syn, and the next I am heading for the cold showers or grabbing for my husband because the books are scorching! Hutchins is a master writer. She knows how to create a deadly, beautiful world made of magic, jealousy, and destiny weaved into the perfectly amazing story. The plot keeps me coming back for more. Since I finished this book last night, I couldn’t stop, I grabbed book 3 and am already half way done. So, keep checking back for my teasers into the next books. So, glad it is a long weekend.

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So, what is in store for book 3?  Look below for the blurb…

Escaping Destiny (The Fae Chronicles Book 3) Kindle Edition

Fighting Destiny My 5-star Review #paranormal #Fantasy #romance


Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1)Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Get this #sexy #fantasy #erotic paranormal romance full of  #vampires #fairy #witches for only 2.99 at https://www.amazon.com/Fighting-Destiny-Fae-Chronicles-Book-ebook/dp/B00D5M4PTM

Oh my gosh! One of the best books I have read in a long time! It has been a long time since I have read this type of book. I used to be a big Laurell K Hamilton fan, but I got behind and took a break. This author reminds me so much of her minus the multiple sex partner, but hey it’s only book 1. This book had it all. I laughed, yes, I actually giggled a few times. Then, the tears-definitely have a box of tissues ready. Next a few times of horror and outrage where I was literally yelling at the characters (that’s when you know things are getting good). Then, finally I had to take a few cold showers due the angst and ignited passion between Syn and Ryder. I am so intrigued with the book and want to know so much what Ryder’s secret is that even though I have a pile of books I need to read, I have to read book two right now. So, look for book two review soon.

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Meet The Author  Amelia Hutchins

Amelia lives in the great Pacific Northwest with her family. When not writing, she can be found on her author page, hanging out with fans, or dreaming up new twisting plots. She’s an avid reader of everything paranormal romance.


in Spokane, WA, The United States











Amelia lives in the great Pacific Northwest with her family. When not writing, she loves everything paranormal and everything romance.
The Fae Chronicles is Amelia’s debut series, and there are at least five books planned for Synthia and Ryder.
Reading order:
Fighting Destiny
Taunting Destiny
Escaping Destiny
Seducing Destiny

The Elite Guards of the Fae Chronicles
A Dark Demon’s Embrace

Other series:
Darkest Before Dawn

Playing with Monsters Pre-order is up!


An Education in Royalty by Heather C. Myers #paranormal #romance


An Education in RoyaltyAn Education in Royalty by Heather C. Myers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Get this #sexy #supernatural #vampire #romance for #free at https://www.amazon.com/Education-Royalty-Somerset-Novel-Book-ebook/dp/B00MT4U2XK

This book was really awesome! I enjoyed every part of this book. It has suspense, drama, jealousy, deception, and some serious sexual tension. It did leave me with many questions, but the story was just so good that in the end it really did not matter and might be resolved later. I would really like to see a story with Rachel in it, but it looks like book two is going to reach into the werewolf world, so I shall wait. But back to this book. Fast, great read that I highly recommend. Happy reading!

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More about the author:

Heather C. Myers

Full disclosure: I am an acquired taste. I’m a typical blonde Orange County suburbanite who says ‘like’ more than necessary, laughs loud and probably obnoxiously, and loves to dance in the rain. I’m a 26 year old college graduate with more than a few tricks up my sleeve, and I also happen to be a pretty big Ducks fan. Oh, and I’m a writer. Like, for real.

I don’t speak in third person (normally) nor do I wear glasses (except when I’m feeling particularly mischievous). I’m lucky to have found my soul mate at the ripe old age of 22, even though he frustrates me on purpose to get a reaction out of me. We live near Disneyland, have two rambunctious female puppies, and have a beautiful baby girl. He has two amazing boys, and has gotten me hooked on Smallville, watching soccer (okay, okay FOOTBALL – FC Barcelona, baby!), and Cancun Juice.

See ALL her books here https://www.amazon.com/Heather-C.-Myers/e/B00LPU7XK4

Meet up with her here:

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JAX: Repentance Knights of Black Swan Next Generation, Book 2 by Victoria Danann Genre: Paranormal Romance


JAX: Repentance

Knights of Black Swan Next Generation, Book 2

by Victoria Danann

Continue reading JAX: Repentance Knights of Black Swan Next Generation, Book 2 by Victoria Danann Genre: Paranormal Romance

Menage Romance: Total Shifter Abduction (Paranormal Menage Holiday Romance) (New Adult Shifter Short Stories Book 1) Kindle Edition by Alexa White


This Holiday Season Join These Bad Boy Shifters On The Naughty List at a special price of .99 until Jan 1st or get it #free with #ku at 


#badboy #shifters #bearshifter #romance #menage #paranormal #newadult #shortstories #womensfiction

Turn the heat up this winter season with these sizzling Bad Boy Shifter Romances. Complete with sweet happily ever afters, and absolutely NO CLIFFHANGERS, it’s a holiday treat you don’t want to miss out on!

This super sexy alpha romances are packed with sizzling ménages, action and happy ever after endings that will leave you breathlessly begging for more.

This mega collection contains 6 complete short stories that all contain HEA endings and no cliffhangers.

WARNING – Once you read the first sizzling page, you won’t be able to put this collection down. You’ll be left sleep deprived, but oh so satisfied!

Here’s what’s included:

Taken By The Bear Brothers (Paranormal Ménage Romance)
Shift Her (Paranormal Ménage Romance)
Mother to the Bear Clan (Paranormal Ménage Romance)
Biker Bear’s Baby (Paranormal Ménage Romance)
Royal Dragon’s Baby (Paranormal Ménage Romance)
Tempted By The Wolf Brothers (Paranormal Ménage Romance)

All this for one small price for a Limited Time Only! One-click now!

*** Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited ***
AUTHOR´S NOTE: Stories contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers ONLY.

Ignite: A Werebear + BBW Paranormal Romance (Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 3) Kindle Edition by Ophelia Sexton


Ophelia Sexton is back again with book 3 in her #sexy #shifter #series which I happen to LOVE!  Get this full-length novel with a man with good taste who likes real women with real curves for #free with #ku or for .99 for a limited time at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NAMIFWV








Bear shifter Evan Swanson loves curvy women…but not commitment. When he rescues a woman and her infant niece from a hotel fire, he’s shocked to realize she’s his fated mate. Not only is she his bear’s wet dream, she’s the first woman who’s ever turned him down for a date.

Steffi Tristan has been caring for baby Olivia since her sister and brother-in-law disappeared. When her niece turns into a bear cub before her eyes, Steffi knows it’s time to get help. Evan’s the most attractive man she’s ever met, but Steffi’s spent a lifetime in her beautiful sister’s shadow. A man like him couldn’t really want her.

When a sinister organization bent on abducting little Olivia follows Steffi to Bearpaw Ridge, Evan vows to protect them both. But can he neutralize the danger, persuade Steffi that he’s serious, and settle down happily with just one woman?

IGNITE is a full-length steamy romance novel with no cliffhangers and a happy ending.