Three Daves, Books 1-3: David, Sophomore Year; Dave, Junior Year; Big D, Senior Year by Nicki Elson #new_adult #romance


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David: Sophomore Year (Three Daves, part 1)David: Sophomore Year; Dave,  Junior Year; Big D, Senior Year

by Nicki Elson
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

This review is really a review of all three books since I can’t seem to remember where one picks up and the others end. 1st let me start by saying that it was interesting reading it after I read Elson’s preface about how she changed the era the book was written and how she changed the book to more showing than telling. I can tell almost where she made those changes and then switched back to the telling. I can’t be sure but it seemed like one minute I am deep in dialogue and the next I am in 3rd person wondering how I was pushed out of this awesome little Elson world. There are some serious grammatical and spelling errors, but if she can re-edit these books one more time, I think this series could really take off. The books are still really good and I definitely recommend them because David 1 is a total idiot in book 1. I love seeing him grow through this series. By the very end of book 3, I was on the verge of my seat. Each book is better than the last ending with a huge bit of awesomeness. There are times when I was screaming in horror at things that occur and then laughing my butt off putting myself in Jen’s shoes. Her friends are a riot, and she learns the lesson of finding her true self through just growing up and making mistakes. Such a good series.

I received this series from the author for an honest review.

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