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Sizzling New Release

Alexis is finally getting to go to school to study music. Since her Mom died in a suspicious car crash her Dad has filled her life with a swinging door of bodyguards and kept her home. After gaining weight and having no freedom she feels like the only 24 year old that has never had a boyfriend in America.

Her new bodyguard Derek turns out to be more than muscle. She falls for him hard and even more shocking he falls for her! Of course she has no idea Derek and his muscle bound friends are all Werecats. If they ever find anytime alone with a crazy stalker after her, mutant freaks, crazy Werewolves and of course her Dad showing up whenever they are alone she will find out soon enough, because when the clothes come off the fur grows.


˃˃˃ What customers around the world are saying:

“I just can’t get enough of the dynamic between Alexis and Derek. Their passion has definitely fogged up my glasses a couple of times. I can’t wait to get my hands on the second book. This will now be a part of my go to library when I’m looking for a little steam.”

˃˃˃ “Almost peed my pants, not wanting to leave my computer while Alexis was in danger. A must read!”

Alexis grimaces in distaste. No, absolutely not, that just won’t do. He should be wearing less, much less. And no creepy parrot.

Derek freshly showered, water still glistening on his chest. A towel around his waist, as he lounges on my bed. The petals from the roses scattered on the floor. Me coming out of the adjoining bathroom wearing the leather corset and mini skirt barefoot. I don’t need to ask if he likes what he sees. The growing sword is poking through the towel, growing bigger, and bigger.

“Pauli wants a cracker.”

Ahhhhh. Damn parrot, get out of my fantasies!

Alexis steps away from the window shaking her head, her shoulders sagging. Men with guns at school, stolen cell phones, missing bodyguard, and what does Alexis do? Call the police, her Father, anything a reasonable person would do? Nope, I’m Alexis when my life is in danger, I have weird sexual fantasies about pirates and creepy parrots.


˃˃˃ “I laughed out loud, cried, and laughed more. A Werelion addicted to movies! Loving me some Derek.”

Brother Lion holds Alexis to him, and as they fly down the hand rail Alexis screams, “Derek!”

Brother Lion replies, “Yippee Ki Yay Mother Fuckers!”

Derek and Alexis near the bottom of the stairs and Brother Lion yells as Mrs. Collins begins to fall. Aaron steps up to catch her, not able to take his eyes of the hurtling Derek and Alexis. He trips and falls bringing Mrs. Collins with him. She lands in his lap at the bottom of the handrail. They both turn pale as they see the 380 pound Derek and Alexis nearing them.

Brother Lion frowns at the obstacles in his way, but not one to give up on a challenge he leaps off the bottom of the handrail over Mrs. Collins and Aaron. It was an elegant leap, might even have been award winning. Except, Mr. Armstrong dislikes cathedral ceilings and had the ceiling in the living room lowered to ten feet.

Brother Lion goes up, turns half around, Alexis held to his chest, and smashes into the ceiling. Needless to say, Derek and large pieces of the ceiling come down rather quickly after that. Once Brother Lion lands he sways but sets Alexis gently on her feet, smiles and falls on his ass, out cold.

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